Who are we?

UMP Keraglow Sdn Bhd

UMP Keraglow (Subsidiaries of Universiti Malaysia Pahang’s groups) is the only keratin manufacturer in Malaysia provides premium quality bioactive keratin by using US-Patented technology. 

UMP has the largest laboratory and employs cutting-edge technology, particularly in producing keratin from high-quality feathers. UMP has been conducting considerable research on keratin protein and its compounds over the past eight years. Multiple researchers developed the technology, and the goods have achieved several awards and honours around the globe at various research exhibits. Then, UMP Keraglow and Ova Chem collaborate when it comes to commercialize.

Ova Chem Sdn Bhd

On 1st of January 2022, UMP Keraglow collaborates with Ova Chem and assigns Ova Chem as the SOLE DISTRIBUTIOR. Ova Chem is one of the seven subsidiaries of Barium Selat‘s groups. It is an oil and gas company since 2017 and serving the top players such as Baker Hughes, Halliburton, and Schlumberger. To serve such big players, of course, Ova Chem is an ISO certified company, e.g., ISO 9001, 4001, 17045.

As of 2019, Ova Chem has its chemist team and mainly focusing on research and development to develop new product and improve the product quality such as beta-keratin. Engineers are responsible for planning and building the manufacturing plants whereas the multi-cultural marketing business experts with years of experience in gaining insights into the respective local markets and distributing specialty chemicals globally.



Due to recent development and government initiative, Ova Chem is diversifying its business model to circular economy business. With the strength of our global distribution channel and well-known brands, we have diversified our business to circular economy business by adding keratin chemical (www.keraglow.com) to our portfolio. 

Mission and Vision

Throughout our business growth, our core values have endured and will continue to be passed down to generations of Ova Chem and UMP Keraglow (“We”) employees.


Create value for our stakeholders by delivering quality products and services through continuous improvement, innovation and sustainable business practices.


To be a leading, integrated and diversified global agribusiness providing quality and value-added products to customers worldwide.

Our vision unifies us to have a common cause and growth strategy. It inspires us to make a positive contribution everyday and gives us a sense of mission.

What do we sell?

We offer the best quality of bioactive keratin in bulk which you’ll hardly find in the market! Bioactive keratin is applied as a raw material in various products ranging from hair care, hair treatment, skincare, fertilizer, feedstock, environment remediation, leather and textile processing as well as biomedical and pharmaceutical products. It can be in the form of liquid keratin or powdered keratin. Aside from the high and consistent quality of our raw keratin, we are also able to develop products to meet the specific needs of customers in their home market and assist them in designing, packaging, branding of products under their own brands. In other words, we are ready for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) & original design manufacturer (ODM) service too. We know entrepreneur’s journey is tough and risky. So, what is the reason for you to walk alone when you have accompanied? We are here to assist you on kickstart your brand easily because we believe that greatness starts from within. Kindly do not hesitate to discuss further at info@keraglow.com, kaihong@ovachem.com, +60 16-646 2983 or click any platforms (favicons) here W3Schools.com W3Schools.com W3Schools.com W3Schools.com W3Schools.com W3Schools.com

Why Choose us?

Competitive advantage

We are the first bioactive keratin manufacturer in Malaysia and supported by Malaysian government. As of 2021, our factory is located at Pahang, Malaysia whereas two laboratories at Kuala Lumpur and Pahang, Malaysia. Our warehouses at Pahang and Westport, Port Klang is situated at the ports that are locate along major shipping routes that convenient for us to deliver bulk products to sea-calling vessels directly. Moreover, our office is at the main city of Malaysia, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Our keratin is pure and using sustainable source which can lessen the global waste pollution.

— The more you support, the more you are contributing to save our mother Earth.


Malaysia has a strategic location that free from natural disaster. Business at Malaysia you can deal with companies from local, Eastern countries or Western countries with a minimal restriction. Consequently, you have reduced the risk of supply chain issue.

The other advantage for Malaysia companies is tax incentives through “MyHIJAU” and “Buatan Malaysa” approval.

Whereas International companies can also enjoy duty tax through Free-Trade Agreements (FTA) such as AFTA, ATIGA, TPS-OIC, D-8, PTA, CPTPP, and RCEP.


Our priority will be on the quality of the products. We spent more than 26 months on research & development, sourcing for the highest quality materials, maximizing performance features. Our products go through extensive tests to ensure that they are pure enough to blend it with other chemicals to produce finished goods. We will ensure that customers get the best quality from us.


Our product manager has more than 20 years of experience in keratin industry. So, rest assure with our product quality, you’re only getting the best of the best.

We have our own R&D team collaborate with Malaysian university and approve by the Malaysian government. Our business expert team with pilot production facilities and application labs to help our customers improve their products formulation to achieve cost efficiency and meet latest consumer market trends. We will continue investing in the research and development of innovative solutions.

Friendly customer service

We won’t serve customers with of “because-this-is-my-job”. We’ll make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout the business with us. If you require our assistance, we’ll provide you with the best support you can find online.


We are committed to producing keratin that meet consistent stringent safety and quality requirement. Our production facilities have been audited by recognised third party laboratories and are GMP and ISO certified.

Our product is Muslin friendly by using US-Patented technology and being acknowledged on several press media:

Associate Prof. Dr Arun Gupta created beauty and cosmetic products from keratin

UMP researcher received CRDF2 grant

Penyelidik UMP hasilkan produk krim anti penuaan daripada keratin



We believe in fair pricing without compromising quality. Therefore, we are only able to release 1 product at a time & we will need YOUR support to fund for our next release as we spend 70% of our profits on research & development.


We’ve surveyed over 150+ persons to be able to perfect the fit of our products to all hair and skin type. We make it easy for you to customize so that you can find your perfect formulation hassle free

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  • Muslim friendly
  • Made in Malaysia