What is Keratin?


Keraglow utilizes environmentally-friendly patented technologies to extract keratin proteins from high-quality feathers.

feather decoration
  • Cost effective
  • Made from high quality feathers
  • ¬†Available in both liquid and powder
  • Can be used for personal care products and also Nutrient Supplement

Keratin product process

Collecting feathers
Cleaning feathers
Put into boiler
Derive keratin

Keraglow supplies the precise foundations required for hair repair, rescue, regeneration, and protection in a form that can be provided through a range of formulations.


Keraglow encourages the expression of collagen four and collagen 7, the suitable proteins at the correct level in the skin to achieve wrinkle reduction, as well as boosting glutathione, the skin’s own master antioxidative defense system, by working in concert with the biological systems of the skin to stimulate cell growth. Keraglow is more similar in structure and function to human hair keratin than any other material previously used in haircare products. Only Keraglow Technology, which has all of the required components of the native protein, can indeed reverse hair damage.

  • Muslim friendly
  • Made in Malaysia